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Company Profile


Aspen Information Systems was founded to fill the service niche between large national technology providers whose target market is Fortune 500 companies and independent technology consultants whose service portfolio is usually quite narrow.

Our expertise includes Project Management, Technology Solution and Operations Management services and the results our clients experience include:

  • Reduction in IT management and support costs,
  • Greater alignment of IT services to business priorities, &
  • Improved service availability.


We provide enterprise level processes and solutions to clients in the commercial, non-profit and government sectors.


Our focus is to leverage the expertise and techniques our consultants have gained as top performers at the larger firms along with the products and services of strategic technology partners who are leaders in their marketplace.  We use this to successfully address our clients need for value, effectiveness and results that impact their business.


Our mission is to help our clients improve the management of their Information Technology investments so they can increase the competitiveness of their products, services and support to their customers.

Core Values

  • We will always strive to understand and make a difference in our clients’ business
  • We will give much more in value than we take in payment

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