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A Proactive Approach to Technology Management

Cyber threats grow; computers crash; software doesn’t work as it should; you need key staff quickly; and problems occur frequently. We’re here to help you take the hassle out of IT management, so you can focus on your business.

Cloud Solutions

The right cloud solution can provide robust data protection, reliable disaster recovery and secure server hosting.


Whether interested in a Google, Microsoft or Amazon public cloud or a private cloud solution we can meet your business needs.


With alarming recent ransomeware attacks, cyber threats continue to grow for all public and private sector enterprises

Artfully Crafted

SMBs are targeted by 64% percent of all cyber-attacks. Aspeninfosys has the advanced security solution to deliver the protection SMB clients demand.


Our software development team builds applications on multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Custom Software

In business, the right software application can be the key to efficiency and productivity. We work with you on the best solution to bring value and the fastest ROI

Staff Outsourcing

Dependable, talented, experienced temporary staff without the financial commitment of continuous fulltime employment

IT & Business Staff Outsourcing

Staff will work onsite or remote with no long term commitment. Full control without tedious employment or administrative issues.

Featured Statistics

Small Business Cybersecurity Attacks


Explore Key Portfolio

Highlights of past projects led by key consultant staff. When you work with us, you’ll gain not only a world-class team but also a wealth of industry experience. Read about some of our significant cases below.

Our Core Values

We help clients maintain operational excellence while confidently navigating technology change and protecting against growing external security threats to their business data.

Our Technology Landscape Vision

Our Perspective

At our core we are fundamentally Systems Integrators and our technology landscape vision is based on key trends.  These drive our focus on the right solution to deliver critical business outcomes for our clients. We see a drive to securely connect people, processes and data in new ways to leverage knowledge and solutions that are outside the physical walls of the enterprise.

Our Clients

Unlike startups who can typically start with a clean technology slate, our typical client is somewhere along the digital transformation journey and usually has to juggle available resources and business imperatives in determining what is achievable.

Our Technology Partners

Our technology partners provide technology at scale to enhance AIS offerings resulting in more comprehensive digital transformation solutions.

Key Technology Trends

The technology trends that we see with the most immediate impact on how businesses connect, collaborate and deliver services that drive productivity and growth:


    Understanding the business impact of cloud and deploying cloud solutions effectively

  • Infrastructure

    Digital Transformation – Modernizing underlying technology to support new initiatives

  • Data Security

    Protecting data effectively and economically

  • Data Analytics

    Gaining transformative benefit including big data analytics

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence

  • Blockchain

    An immutable chain of blocks containing data representing anything of value. More than just cryptocurrency.

  • DevOps

    A proven means of superior application development and deployment

  • Staff Technical Skills

    Solving staffing skills challenge through hiring and training or outsourcing

Enabling Digital Transformation

Success in a cloud-first world by creating new ways of connecting people, data and processes.

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