Secure Technology To Protect Your Data

More than just IT Support

The business benefits our ideal clients expect:

Reduce Risk; Manage Costs; Support Goals:

    • A growing imperative to protect business data
    • A desire for business continuity in the event of a major failure.
    • Predictable IT management and support costs
    • Greater alignment of IT services to business strategy
    • Improved business profitability and productivity
    • Support staff that are more aware of business priorities
    • Improved service availability
    • Improved service levels and quality of service

These are the criteria on which we base our service delivery

Technology Management Services

The guidance and expertise you need to enable digital transformation and agile business operations

Aspen is helping our clients to apply the right digital technologies to enable secure, scalable digital core services that support the transformation to a digital enterprise. We realize many clients may just be starting out on this journey and today require an IT operations plan and support services that optimize their current IT investment in infrastructure and applications. From a strategic perspective however, digital technology platforms enable digital core services to be developed for the business to establish new business models, create new customer experiences, and optimize and automate processes that deliver the outcomes needed to transform the business.

  • Hybrid / Cloud Transformation: Assess applications and workloads for migration to cloud environments.
  • Application Transformation: Rationalize the applications portfolio, modernize applications, and transform applications to cloud environments.
  • IT Services Optimization & Automation: Optimize and automate Services Integration and Management (SIAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and implement agile processes and DevOps environments.
  • IT Strategy & Transformation: IT strategy, enterprise architecture, performance engineering, and mergers & acquisitions transformation.


Aspen delivers the guidance and expertise you need to select and enable digital core technologies and platforms that will reduce the cost of IT operations, deliver an agile applications portfolio, and support new digital business initiatives. Our team of digital technology experts delivers the right cloud infrastructure, application environments, and technology platforms to lay a common foundation for your digital core services transformation.

Protection from Malicious Attacks

Protect your business with strategies, processes and solutions to identify and safeguard sensitive and private information.

Security breaches and data theft have devastating business outcomes. Adverse publicity is only the beginning. The potential liability for lost or stolen customer data, and even fines from regulatory bodies, mean that chief information security officers must formulate and be able to demonstrate a resilient data protection and privacy strategy.

Organizations must minimize risks of unauthorized or unlawful processing of business-critical data and avoid accidental loss and destruction or damage to data. In highly competitive industries, any data loss damages brand reputation, undermines customer confidence and can result in business failure.

Protect your critical data

Aspen Information Systems Data Protection and Privacy services provide certified specialists with security and privacy expertise and experience to help you understand risks to business-critical data. First we pinpoints weaknesses, and then we help you develop a business-wide data protection and privacy strategy, build sophisticated data protection and privacy solutions, and maintain your security environment.

Our consultants deliver projects of all sizes — from advisory workshops, assessments and tactical deployments to enterprise-wide solutions with full turnkey architecture design and technology implementation.


Reduce your risk

Aspen views data protection and privacy not as a technology, but as a strategy — encompassing several technologies and processes, each designed to reduce your risks. As a trusted advisor and proven provider, Aspeninfo delivers:

  • Reduced risk of unintentional disclosure of sensitive data, using Data Protection and Privacy strategies and industry-leading solutions
  • Effective Data Protection and Privacy solutions deployed to proven, industry-leading best-practices by professionally and vendor-certified consultants
  • Compliance with industry and national regulations and laws

Develop a comprehensive approach with an independent advisor

Cloud Solutions

Protect your business with strategies, processes and solutions to identify and safeguard sensitive and private information.

Public Cloud:

As part of the growing direction to migrate workloads offsite to the cloud, we work effectively with the leading Public Cloud providers – Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud, to configure and manage workload requirements of our clients.We advocate that each solution is driven by key business considerations and so its not one size fits all.  We will work with you to determine the optimal overall cloud solution configuration for your needs.

Private Cloud:

We provide private cloud services hosted on Coresite’s data centers. Our solution options are

Virtual Server Hosting:

SQL | File Servers | Active Directory

We provides a robust, secure and scalable cloud hosting environment equipped with high performance VMware vSAN full flash storage, Cisco USC hardware and VMware orchestration. Our infrastructure is hosted at Coresite’s Data Centers within the US and are certified for HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOC1 and SOC2 compliance.

  • Fixed monthly cost with 3 year contract
  • Built in Backup & DR using Veeam
  • Choice of 4 data centers (2 east and 2 west coast)
  • 24×7 Infrastructure monitoring & management
  • Low latency, high performance full flash VMware vSAN Storage
  • VMware vSphere Enterprise hypervisor
  • Support for Windows, Linux OS
  • Data at rest encription



Our Workspace-As-a-Service (WSaaS) is a dedicated, Hyper-Converged Virtual desktop infrastructure solution based on VMware Horizon 7 with all flash VMware vSAN storage. VMware Horizon 7 is the leading platform to provide end users access to all of their virtual desktops, applications, and online services through a single digital workspace. With Workspace-as-a-Service, you can now evolve siloed cloud and mobile investments, enabling all different employee use cases (Task workers, Knowledge Workers, Power Users & Designer/Engineers), devices, and applications across your organization to accelerate their digital transformation journey with a platform- based approach.

  • Rich user experience
  • Start as small as 20 user environment and scale linearly
  • BYOD – compatible with any device
  • Deliver applications efficiently
  • Create desktop pools and Application pools
  • Set and enforce access and data policies across all apps, devices, and locations in one place
  • Onboard a new employee with all apps and devices in minutes.
  • Hardware: Cisco UCS, Cisco Nexus, Dell
  • Vmware vSAN Enterprise, Vmware Horizon Enterprise, Vmware vSphere Enterprise Plus

Disaster Recovery:

Helps companies to increase the availability by leveraging replication technologies and creating standby replicas of virtual machines off site using VEEAM CLOUD CONNECT REPLICATION. DR is one of those situations in which a cloud-based solution fits perfectly. By renting resources from a service provider on a pay-as-you-go model, end users have the same final result — CPU, ram, storage and networking resources available for failover operations — without any capital costs or the burden of designing, deploying and managing the DR site daily. VM replication through Veeam Cloud Connect is easy to use and simple to set up, thanks to a single TCP port connectivity protected by a secure, reliable SSL/TLS connection from the customer to the DRaaS provider. So, there’s no need to set up and maintain VPN connections, or open multiple ports in customer firewalls. The single tunnel is used for any kind of traffic: Replication management traffic, actual VM data transfers and even inter-VM communications during partial failovers. All communications are encapsulated into the single tunnel. Once the connection is established, there’s no need for any additional network configuration.

Networking complexity simplified! Veeam Cloud Connect Replication is the removes the biggest pain point of any DR service: Networking. Both full site failovers and partial failovers will leverage built-in network extension appliances, which will simplify networking complexity and preserve communication between running VMs regardless of physical location — even without having to make any changes to replica TCP/IP settings before, during or after failover.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Types of Incidents and Disasters BDR Protects Against

There’s no way to predict the future, and Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  If you don’t have a well-thought out recovery plan, your company’s data is teetering on the edge of a cliff without a safety net. Here are some of the scenarios where BDR proves to be most helpful:

User Error

We all make mistakes, like accidentally clicking a malicious link, dropping our computers, misplacing a mobile device or deleting something we intended to save. User error was cited as the leading cause of data loss in a 2015 Databarracks survey. Backup plays an important role in ensuring these mistakes don’t turn into serious problems.

Hardware Failure

Different hard drives, servers, desktops and other devices have varying life expectancies and refresh cycles, but hardware often fails. Whether it’s due to normal wear and tear, defects, or the unexplainable, businesses need to be prepared. BDR can help ensure that entire datasets are replicated and accessible should something suddenly stop working.

File Corruption & Software Failure

Software will also occasionally fail. Files and data can become corrupted and things may be deleted without warning. In addition to providing complete restores for entire machines, BDR allows for data recovery.

Natural Disasters and Extreme Weather

According to Climate Change Preparedness and the Small Business Sector, small businesses lose an average of $3,000 per day after closing due to a major storm. With the regularity of these events in certain locations and resulting power outages, small leaks and other less severe issues creating costly downtime, BDR is a no-brainer.

Insider Threats

If a disgruntled employee were to intentionally encrypt, delete, steal or corrupt sensitive information, having that data backed up ensures that it can be recovered and restored. This isn’t to say that BDR can necessarily prevent such behaviour, but it helps to mitigate damage.


Viruses, malware and cybercrime – especially ransomware – are an increasingly- dangerous threat today. The Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime Report claims that businesses saw an average of 160 successful cyber-attacks per week. BDR can help you save money when attacked.

Aspeninfosys business continuity solution includes features like continuous data protection, cloud-based replication and recovery, and more – all for one low fixed monthly price per protected server.


Web Application Development:

A website is the first impression of your business. Our developers will transform your great ideas into workable web application solutions. We have experience building anything from small, easy solutions to large eCommerce engines, high load web applications and big data solutions. Every website we build is commissioned to your specification to best support your business objectives and we use our years of experience to create a website built using the latest technologies in industry.

We believe good web development goes way beyond design with User experience being an integral part of our whole process, and methodical testing forms the backbone of what we do. We always focus on your business and what you need to make your business a success online hence our websites are optimized to allow them to be viewed on mobile devices.

Our principles enable rapid and scalable development and deployment. We leverage Lean, Agile and Kanban principles to deliver unsurpassed quality in the shortest possible delivery time. Our principles and the strength of our team allow us to be extremely responsive to our Enterprise Customers and their Enterprise Applications.

Our development team`s technical expertise includes:

  • Microsoft ASP.Net
  • Microsoft ASP,Net MVC
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XML / Json Web Services
  • Kendo / Telerik / Third party reporting tool integration
  • Enterprise Web Development
  • Jquery / HTML 5 / CSS 3.0 Integration
  • PHP
  • Magento / Shopify Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • CakePHP and other frameworks
  • Hosting in Azure / Amazon web services


Mobile Application Development:

 Native Applications:

At Aspen Information Systems, our mobile apps are customized from the ground up. Our Mobile application developers build platform-specific native mobile apps that offer high performance, better customer experience and have higher reliability. Our expert mobile app development team has developed native apps across all platforms including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows. Built with the DNA of the device they live on, native apps drive immersive mobile experiences.

IPhone Application Development:

We are experts in iPhone application development, from conceptual design to implementation, quality support and maintenance. We follow standard development models to apply best practices combined with delivery of applications within agreed 0n time frames. As a result, you get an exclusive product that meets business requirements, reflects your brand mission and caters to the preferences of your end users.

IPad Application Development:

Building an iPad App is quite different. It can’t be a scaled-up version of your iPhone app. At Aspen Information Systems, our mobile specialists perfectly understand this and we provide top quality iPad application development services

Android Application Development:

Our company has a team of top-notch developers specializing in professional android application development. We stay within budget and schedule and we customize our solutions to the specific needs of each client.

Windows Application Development:

We have great expertise on the Windows platform and have built several apps for startups, entrepreneurs and enterprises. Our unique approach to application development has helped us to create your application concept quickly without compromising on quality and reliability.

Hybrid Applications:

Utilizing a cross platform development process takes less time as well as requires a smaller investment, since the program code can be utilized for several other platforms and mobile devices. A hybrid mobile application is an example of a solution that combines the characteristics of web-based and native applications.

An Outsourced Skilled Resource For Any Size Job

In a business climate where digital transformation creates new ways of connecting people, data and processes, the market changes quite rapidly. To stay ahead of competition, you will need highly skilled and flexible employees with less overhead to the business. We deliver great value to our clients by providing employees in an efficient and effective manner either onsite or from a remote location. Our focus is to become an extremely capable partner of your business.

Employee Outsourcing is considered by many small organizations as a cost-effective alternative to traditional way of employee hiring, as it relieves the expense and administrative burden put upon business. Organizations often resort to practice of employee outsourcing when they are not yet able to afford hiring full-time or even part-time employees. It can be described as a practice of engaging remote workers who are employed by special companies providing outsourcing services, so these firms take care of all the tedious employment and administrative issues including trainings, payroll, benefits, compensation, insurance, tax reporting and supervision of workers.

Outsourced employees may sometimes visit sites of the companies which they work for (if a job requires this), or they may work in a completely remote manner, utilizing modern communicational means (Internet and teleconferencing), so you don’t have to provide them with desks and any office space. These outsourced services usually comprise everything which is not needed on daily basis, but is very important to a company from time to time, for example:

  • IT functions (maintenance of software, hardware, networks, servers, etc); 
  • Accounting, tax management and other finance-related services;
  • HR functions: recruitment, payroll and secretarial services;
  • Call Centers and customer service/support\
  • Fulltime


We provide expert IT and business staff who work under your direct control. This includes programmers, Graphics & Web designers, Hardware & Network Admins, Accountants, Sales & Marketing experts. We can provide a dedicated employee or even a team of experts based on your requirement.

We Make IT Work

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones – in many cases before you’re even aware that there’s an issue.

Nam libero tempore,

We’ll Worry About Technology – You Can Focus on Your Business

If there’s one certainty in IT, it’s that things are uncertain. Computers crash, software doesn’t work as it should, and problems occur. And when they do, the way that you respond can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a full- blown business interruption. Are you leaving IT to chance?

Our fully-managed IT services suite is designed to provide you with 24/7 peace of mind, freeing you to focus on driving your business forward. We monitor your systems, apply patches, protect against viruses, ensure backups are performing successfully, and more. We’ll catch (and fix) the little problems before they become big ones – in many cases before you’re even aware that there’s an issue.

A Complete Suite of Fully-Managed IT Services

We’re here to help you take the hassle out of IT management, so you can focus on your business. Our offerings include:

Network Monitoring & Care
We keep tabs on your network activity around the clock, and when a system or function fails, our support teams immediately jump in to investigate. Once the problem is identified, we’ll work to fix it — in many cases before you’ve even realized there’s an issue.

Help Desk
Our U.S.-based Help Desk provides 24x7x365 support, whenever you need it. Our highly-skilled technicians can be contacted via phone, email or web-based chat, and are ready and waiting to help answer any of your technology questions and provide fast, professional support for a variety of software applications.

Business Continuity
Our data backup and continuity solution ensures your critical information is secure, backed up and accessible whenever you need it – even during a network failure or a disaster – so you’ll never have to worry about data loss again.

Custom Project Work

We also offer a variety of custom projects designed to help optimize your IT infrastructure – including software installations, migrations, setups and configurations, and more. There are are more than 85 projects to choose from – and best of all, our technicians can perform the work overnight or over the weekend; so there’s no interruption or downtime at your office.


Our Technology Partners

Our industry-leading solution partners provide the right solution to deliver critical business outcomes for our clients. Our Partners provide technology at scale to enhance AIS offerings resulting in more comprehensive digital transformation solutions.

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